Did you know humanity’s carbon footprint has increased 11-fold and water consumption has tripled in the last 50 years? Your trash contains 25-30% Carbon. Whether it rots in a dump or is burned for energy – that Carbon is disposed as CO2 into the atmosphere today!

Carbotopia™ physically extracts over 50% Carbon from waste to upcycle it into new non-fossil plastics! Carbon Reuse reduces CO2 emissions and substitutes new crude oil imports, helping climate two-fold!


Keeping Carbon stored by giving it a New Product Life!

With Carbotopia™ urban waste residues can provide twice the feedstock needed by global plastic production! Urbanization of growing civilizations striving for progress as well as e-commerce are assessed by the World Bank to double urban waste in the next two decades. Carbotopia™ will make a sustainable resource out of this.

The advantages of Carbotopia™?

  • Carbon Recycling
  • Profitability
  • ~ 2 Barrels of Oil Substitution per tonne of urban waste

Change of the Future!

The world must come off its “more of the same” paradigm and embark to new shores of Carbon Capture. Carbon Reuse delivers prosperity of equal opportunities, less suppression of the poor and new employment by Carbon recycling industries.


Show that you are part of the Market-Power calling for a World in Carbon Balance!

What’s your average spending in supermarkets per month?

Once big players can see their clients expect Carbon recycling throughout the chain of daily supplies, CarbotopiaTM can become a matter of Corporate Social Responsibility concern.

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The visionaries behind Carbotopia™.


Stefan Petters, Founder

Serial Qualitative Growth Entrepreneur

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Read my blog


Klaus Mauthner, Inventor

Chemical Processing


Kalvin TSE, VP

Intellectual Property Officer
Application Engineering


Yong Cao, Catalyst Fabrication